Sheet Metal Products

A various collection of sheet metal products

Cable Trays, Ladders & Trunkings

Fabricated to house and protect installed and running cables, cable trays are subdivided into:

  • Perforated Cable Trays: whereas heat generated by cables is moderate
  • Cable Ladders: whereas heat generated by cables is high, cable ladders also run longer than regular cable trays
  • Non Perforated Type Cable Trays: whereas heat carried through telecommunication and electrical cables is minimal. These kind of casings also protect cables from environmental damage in outdoor applications
  • Cable Trunkings: used where a small number of telecommunication and electrical wiring is carried

Material used for cable casings is:

  • Pre-galvanized steel
  • Regular steel
  • Stainless steel

Finishing of these casings depends on application or clients’ requirements:

  • Pre-galvanizing
  • Zinc electroplating
  • Hot dip galvanizing
  • Powder coated

Sound Attenuating Canopies for Diesel Engines

Sound Attenuating Canopy
  • Weather resistant and sound attenuating
  • Cover can be totally assembled at client’s site
  • 14 models to accommodate generators from 11 to 900 KVA
  • Sound attenuation up to 30 db

Manufacturing these canopies involves:

  • Studying the dimensions of the engines
  • Design and testing the design to ensure correct application
  • Stainless steel
  • Regular steel
  • Manufacture
  • Adding the sound attenuating material
  • Assembly and accessories
  • Testing & delivery
Sound Attenuating Canopy

Cabinets, Enclosures and More

Custom EnclosureDeeb Engineering Industries uses its production facilities to produce various kinds of steel products. Our team of designers draft products according to clients’ specifications and seek client’s modifications or approval to produce battery cabins, generator enclosures (sound proof or not), network cabinets and more.

Client determines uses and or dimensions and chooses the thickness of steel or stainless steel as well as the finishing and degree of protection.Custom Enclosure

Precision Design

We at Deeb study and help you assess your needs and provide the most suitable design utilizing the latest technologies in design and production.

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